Sound Systems

Technological Flair Meets Intuitive Innovation

Strikingly Crisp Sound

Awe-inspiring audio at the touch of a button

We continually strive to find the perfect combination of relaxation and innovation. With our revolutionary Bluetooth™ and connective sound systems, we have done just that.

Enjoy the feel of music with our inspired Aquatremor® audio, or unwind in the relaxing ambiance of Sound FX speakers and WetTunes™ technology.
Experience the rise and drop of every beat and let the music take over.

Sound FX

Enhanced stereo systems

Elevate your audio experience with Arctic Spas’ Sound FX.

This system includes marine grade stereos working in combination with connective amps and subwoofers to provide striking surround-sound quality.

Sound FX gives superior audio while offering convenient control of your music. Connect your device easily through Bluetooth technology, or opt for supplemental control aided by a user panel on your model’s side wall.

With a multitude of ways to connect and unwind, Sound FX allows you to completely transform your spa into an oasis of sound, today.


Punching staccato sound

sound system wettunes and amp

Explore sound that excites with the WetTunes™ audio system.

This system’s Poly Planar™ air-rise speakers offer rich and distinctive sound quality while a bass-infused sub-woofer provides intensive vibrations, transporting you into a world filled with decadent audio.

WetTunes™ also boasts longevity preserved by weather-proof, marine-grade engineering, meaning you can simply focus on the ecosystem of sound provided by your spa.

With customer convenience at the forefront of our innovation, we have included complete Bluetooth™ connectivity, ensuring easy access to your audio from anywhere.

Relax in the WetTunes™ system’s warm and detailed, yet powerful sound, offered in select Classic series models.

Aquatremor® Stereo System

Feel the music flow through you

audio buffer
audio buffer

Immerse yourself in the next dimension of audio with Aquatremor® sound.

This revolutionary system employs unique tactile transducers, expertly bonded to your hot tub’s shell and cabinet, providing a flush, and intensive audio experience.

Transducers powerfully drive soundwaves through both the solid mechanisms of your spa, and through your hot tub’s water, creating intense and immersive vibrations. With incredible clarity of audio, Aquatremor® uses this structure-borne technology to transfer the vibrational rhythm of music through your hot tub’s shell, cabinet, and water, turning each of these into “speakers” that you can feel.

Enhance your audio experience further with a revolutionary Aquatremor® Seat, creating premium access to the soothing rhythm of your favorite songs. Sound and vibrations are focused on this ‘VIP’ listening position to provide optimal tuning and access to a visceral and impactful sensory experience.

This audio system is complete with Arctic Spas exclusive, downloadable, and vibroacoustic massage tracks. Low-frequency tones intertwine with soothing beats to provide vibrational massage therapy for specific muscle groups and ailments. Working in combination with Arctic Spas’ customary hydrotherapy, this immersive sensory experience transforms your hot tub into a complete wellness retreat.

Enjoy a radiant ecosystem of sound with Aquatremor®, available on all Custom series models.

Arctic Spas Core Series SFX
Arctic Spas Core Series SFX